Mill Equipment Company, Inc.

Welcome to Mill Equipment Company, Inc.

We have been designing and supplying screw conveyor systems since 1957.

We are proud to offer specialized shaftless screw augers for the machining industry. Time is money and when your machine is down because the waste chip conveyor has broken it can be very costly.

Spiral Auger

Why pay full price and wait for delivery for an OEM replacement when we can provide one at a fraction of the cost AND in as little as two days!

These shaftless spiral chip augers meet or exceed the specifications of the original and can be produced in a variety of raw material stock. Machined shafted drive ends can be accommodated as well.

You can provide a drawing with your specifications or use our form on the Request A Quote page. All we need is 5 easy to measure dimensions and we can produce it inexpensively and quickly.

If you prefer to contact us via US mail or fax, please print this PDF File and send it to us.